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Best Gym Floor Mats Greatest Ways To Workout

I came to realize that having the best gym floor mats will always work fantastic for you. To attest this interesting fact, I recently visited a friend of mine at his indoor gym facility.

I was completely surprised to discover that he had just purchased a high quality best gym mat.

That floor mats for gym portrayed great and distinctive qualities such as acting as a shock absorbed (thus holding the entire weight of equipment correctly), offering excellent protection to the floor and displaying firmness and steadiness.

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Besides, you will also discover that this best gymnastics mat for home not only meets your gym needs but also offers great comfort and enhances a serene environment; this home gym floor mats is either when you are conducting your yoga sessions or working out. Another thing to note?

Actually, getting a high quality and efficient home gym floor mats will always make your training sessions amazing and worth carrying out. That’s why you critically need to make an informed choice on the outstanding rubber gym floor mats that will perfectly meet your needs. Let your gym floor possess that appealing look that the best fitness mat will always induce you to do your exercises.

Whom is best mats for home gym designed for?

  • The yoga- These are individuals who take different yoga sessions to boost their health
  • Trainers- They include coaches who guide those performing exercises
  • Body builders-It is perfect for offering great comfort to them
  • Training beginners- They are the ones willing to give it a try in exercising.

Best Gym Floor Mats Review – My Top 5 Selection

After a thorough, in-depth analysis, I arrived at five best gym floor mats that you can adopt to use in flooring your gym facility. Keenly go through them before ultimately arriving at your conclusive decision:

Manduka Mat PRO Yoga and Pilates MatPrice: $$$
Editors Rating: 4.8

If there is one fantastic mat that you can go for, then it is indeed this Manduka type.

Why is it so? At first, you will notice that it is quite lengthy. The best mats for home gym will always give you some great space to comfortably undertake your exercises. Another thing that will leave you thrilled is its excellent stable nature.

This Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat exhibits great firmness with superb grip; believe you me that it doesn’t yield easily to pressure. The mat for gym floor is squishy!

What else from this best workout mat Apparently, you will note that due to its fabricated material (that gives it a strong texture), be assured that this surface will support you well besides perfectly accommodating your equipment.

How can you prove this? It is pretty simple!

What you need is just to try out different poses and perform some jump-backs for quite some time. Results? The outcome is fascinating as Manduka mat proves to be the absolute choice.

Do you carry out some yoga sessions? If yes, then you need not worry. This is because Manduka mat for yoga has been designed to help you undertake such sessions with ease. It not only makes such practices comfortable but also meant to give you a happy moment without distractions.

Besides, the best exercise mats for home is incomparable to other mats concerning durability; this is home gym mat flooring that you are bound to use for a lifetime without it experiencing wear out.

With such great craftsmanship, perfect padding, non-slippery and moisture absorbent, Manduka mat is just exceptional! The floor mats for gym is an absolute recommend to you. Floor mat gym is worth the money!

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 Features at a Glance 
  • Amazingly padded-great texture
  • Excellent stability-very firm
  • Supportive surface-accommodative
  • Great length-spacious
  • Not sticky- no slippery

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The Pros
⇒ Comfortable to use
⇒ Simple to assemble
⇒ Easily adjustable
⇒ Excellent quality
⇒ Stays firm on floor
The Cons
⇒ Harder to use to some people
⇒ Chemical smell

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Square36, 8 x 6-Feet Extra LargeExercise MatPrice: $$$
Editors Rating: 4.8

What a best workout mat for you to own! One thing that will leave you surprised about this mat is its unique dimensions (it is 8’x 6’ x 5’ about its width, length and thickness respectively.

This rubber floor mats for gym is big in size for you to move on it freely. So far it is the greatest at that you can come across! Apparently, its stable nature makes it easy to use it even when you are wearing your sports shoes.

This clearly implies that rubber floor mats gym has been designed to enable you to undertake a top notch workout exercise in the best way possible.

What are some of the things you can perform on the best exercise mats for home?

They include different aerobics, cardio, MMA and even Plyometrics. Concerning material composition, this Square36 Extra LargeExercise Mat has adopted safe components like natural rubber and foam that is non-toxic.

This home gym mat flooring is to ensure that you always have some peace of mind and relaxation while using this great mat for gym floor. If you are a yogi, you’ve got covered by this great mat! The rubber floor mats for gym supports light yoga where you can undertake such sessions with much ease (without shoes on). It’s stable and steady nature will help you concentrate and enjoy your yoga sessions.

Sometimes, you might opt for a mat that doesn’t move around while using it, right?

Apparently, the best gym floor mats allows you to meet such needs through applying Limit Shifting features. This implies that you can use Anti-slip pads (which come along with it) that will make it stick permanently to a particular location.

Alternatively, you will come to understand that you can easily roll this mat and place it in a safe place after use. Clearly speaking, it is a rubber floor mats gym that you will fall in love with!

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 Features at a Glance 
  • Compatible with shoes
  • Thicker and firm
  • No smell at all
  • Limit shifting using anti-slip pads
  • Large in size (8’x 6’ x 5’)

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The Pros
⇒ Supports intense workout program
⇒ Easy to unpack and roll
⇒ Perfect grip floor surface
⇒ Durable
⇒ Good size for indoor gym
The Cons
⇒ Slight smell
⇒ No many selective options

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Airex Coronella Exercise MatPrice: $$$
Editors Rating: 4.8

If there is a mat that is simply amazing for undertaking your exercises, then you will find the best gymnastics mat for home.

What you will love this mat for gym floor is it’s unique classic style and image-conscious nature that makes it incredible. Designed to last for a considerable long time, you will discover that this mat is highly compressed. So, It is known to be a perfect floor mat gym especially for those who require occupational or physical therapy.

What about its weight? Surprisingly, unlike other mats that you can come across, this Airex CoronellaExercise Mat is light in weight(about 7 pounds only).

What is the essence of this? You will always have an easy time rolling it and carrying it along with you once you are done with it. You might be wondering whether it becomes slippery due to its light weight, right?

Absolutely not!

Actually, its surface is perfectly strong with a non-slippery feature that gives it a firm grip.

One thing that you will notice from Air is its ability to retain warmth and comfort while using it. The best mats for home gym clearly implies that padded floor mats gym can also work perfectly well if you are planning to use it for yoga sessions. Indeed, your body temperature will always be maintained as required without experiencing any discomfort.

To improve its efficiency, Airex CoronellaExercise Mat ensures that your well-being (about health) is perfectly catered for.

How is this facilitated? Actually, this best gym floor mats enable proper sanitation of its material component thus assuring that gym floor mats for home is always hygienic and safe to use.

Besides, you will find that floor mats for gym equipment is quite easy to clean (due to its impervious layer) and maintain this adorable mat. This floor mats for home gym will always save you greatly on time. With all these amazing features, why not go for this great product!

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 Features at a Glance 
  • Comfortable to use
  • Impervious thus easy cleanup
  • Last longer-no wearing easily
  • Easy to fold- light weight nature
  • Well-cushioned soft surface

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The Pros
⇒ Great performance even in rigorous situations
⇒ Convenient to use faster roll up
⇒ Amazing colorful design (image conscious)
⇒ Safe to use- it is well-sanitized
⇒ Great cushioning- well padded.
The Cons
⇒ Chemical smell slightly present
⇒ A bit squashy

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The 2'x2' Foam Interlocking Fitness Gym (Anti-fatigue Exercise) and SoftYoga MatsPrice: $$$
Editors Rating: 4.8

An interesting feature that you will absolutely love from the SoftYoga Mats is the variety of colors at your exposure to select from. You will have 13 different colors actually to choose from!

Apparently, you can make an order of the various packs of color and combine them to give you that best workout mat that you have always yearned. This interlocking gym floor mats will absolutely cater for your taste and preferences. What about its unique designed?

I can really comment that floor mats for gym equipment is amazing.

Actually, this gym matting floor tends to adopt a 2 x2’ tile-patterned mat which greatly portray its shock absorbent feature.

What about the borders? You will notice that the interlocking gym floor mats have been well-incorporated to give this best gym floor mats a perfect outstanding design. This clearly implies that you will find it really firm and sturdy while performing your exercises.

Besides, floor mats for gyms comes out as water resistant mat; this clearly indicates that water cannot tamper its efficiency at all! To boost the quality of material composition, this amazing gym matting floor EVA foam that makes it last for long (due to its thickness and firmness). Additionally, the material is non-toxic and thus no any risk exposure to your health.

Besides, this material component will always provide you with a smooth and firm surface that can comfortably accommodate you with much ease.

How about installing and assembling the mat on the floor surface? Is it challenging? One thing that you will come to realize is that the entire process of fitting this best mats for home gym on the surface is pretty simple. The gym floor matting will just take you a couple of minutes before you are completely done!

Another interesting thing? If you have kids, you can connect them to build a large play area for them. This gym interlocking floor mats can make really excited!

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 Features at a Glance 
  • Amazing 13 different colors
  • Water resistant
  • EVA form (non-toxic)
  • Easy to setup
  • Durable (strong material composition)

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The Pros
⇒ Lightweight- easy to roll
⇒ Colorful display – about 13 different colors
⇒ Safe to use- hygienic and well sanitized
⇒ Long lasting- offers great cushion for hard surfaces
⇒ Shock-absorbent tiles (2’ x 2’)
The Cons
⇒ Used only in indoors
⇒ Not applicable on carpets

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1.5" and 2" Thick Gymnastics Tumbling Exercise Folding Martial Arts MatsPrice: $$$
Editors Rating: 4.8

Are you soon planning to practice gymnastics or martial arts?

If so, then the perfect mat that can offer you great comfort is absolutely this one. What is my justification on this? You will discover that floor mat for gym provides a great platform for your training and exercises once you are on it.

No squash or slipping off. The floor mats for home gym exhibits firmness and strong grip that the best exercise mats for home makes it stable for you to comfortably work on it.

The hook-and-loop feature will always enable you to fix it firmly in a particular place and proceed to use it with fewer distractions. In relation to its design, you will find it quite different from the other mats you might have come across.


Actually, the Gymnastics Tumbling Exercise Folding Martial Arts Mats contains four panels merged together to create one big mat. You can actually join the inseparable panels together about the space that you want them to cover.

Don’t forget about its quality; the gym floor matting has incorporated the finest material component consisting of Crosslink foam that is Polyethylene in nature.

Besides, to make it withstand external condition, the best gym floor mats has adopted an outer coating and vinyl material that makes it non-absorbent. Furthermore, floor mat for gym also comes out as resistant to puncture and fire. With such a great mat, all your tumbling, yoga sessions, gymnastics and martial arts will be made much fun and easier to undertake.

Another thing; don’t worry on how to carry this best fitness mat. All that you need is just to roll and fold it easily and keep it in a safer place for later use. It is the best floor matting for gym for you to think about owning it!

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 Features at a Glance 
  • Four folding panels- for easy adjustments
  • Vinyl-coated outer surface for protection
  • Polyethylene-material foam- makes it stronger
  • Velcro incorporated enhances proper mat connection
  • Non-absorbent heavy duty component

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The Pros
⇒ Water resistant
⇒ Easy for tumbling
⇒ Great material content
⇒ High-quality formation
⇒ Easy storage- space efficient
The Cons
⇒ Requires bigger space
⇒ Unpleasant chemical smell felt

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Factors to Consider and Check Before Making a Purchase

There are quite a number of things you should put into consideration before making a step to buy a particular gym mat. They include the following:

High-quality Material Component

Getting floor gym mats with the best exercise mats for home and high-quality material will always serve you perfectly, right?

There are quite a number of gym mats you will come across that does not fully meet quality standards of the best material. Always be keen to ensure that the material is meant to stay strong for a longer period for indoor exercise. That will always save you on a cost of repurchasing another one sooner!

Great Design

The floor mats gym will always go along to your taste and preferences and the intended purpose for this best workout mat for gym exercises. You will note that some mats have been designed to allow you to use them with shoes on whereas others you will require no shoes at all.

Great design will always make the mat appealing and attractive to you as its user. This can even rejuvenate your energy to work consistently on it.

Nature of foam

This floor mats gym is another critical feature that you need to consider of the best gymnastics mat for home. It is crucial to ensure that the form does not produce any unpleasant smell.

Moreover, ensure that you get premium foam which is non-toxic and safer to use every time.

This floor gym mats can even ensure that your kids are well protected as they play on the playrooms created by the mat. A hint for you? A mat which has incorporated natural rubber is worth going for!

Limit shifting

Is the mat meant to last permanently on the floor surface or it is bound to be there for a temporary period? This is something you should ask yourself before purchasing that the best fitness mat.

If you are planning to keep it permanent, you can apply some pads to make it stick firmly without being distracted. For the temporary one, you will be required to roll it over and keep it in a safer place once you are through with it.

Efficient Weight

The best gym floor mats you can come across can either be lightweight or heavyweight. You will understand that lightweight mat is known to be easy to roll it and carry it along with you.

On the other hand, the heavyweight is known to exhibit much greater strength compared to the lighter one. Despite that, what you need to consider is the utmost satisfaction you achieve from any of them. Check other factors to arrive at a good decision.

Durability factor

A good gym equipment floor mats are bound to last for long once you purchase it, right?

It is clear that you can get the value for your money through purchasing an outstanding gym mat for your floor.

The best gymnastics mat for home that displays great performance, high-quality formation and great material composition will always give you the best in the long run. Always check on reviews of other buyers in order to make a good decision for home exercise!

Easy cleanup

Some mats can really give you a completely hard time to make them clean. What could be the problem? In most cases, these gym equipment floor mats may be in relation to the nature of their material.

A hint? Always consider the impervious nature of the mat to absorb water easily. Those mats for gym floor that are more impervious tend to be much easier to clean quite faster. This can really save you on time!

Simple to assemble

You will notice that some mats come in different shapes and designs, isn’t it? Some gym flooring mats may really require you to formulate a good plan on how you can place them on the floor (especially those ones that need to be integrated together).

At first, the best exercise mats for home to ensure that there is sufficient space so that the setup may be quick and efficient. Get this done fast and experience its value in the best way possible!


In most cases, you will discover that high-quality mats can be about 1.5 inches or even up to 2 inches in relation to their thickness.

The level of thickness is a factor that will determine the strength of the best fitness mat especially if it does not get squishy. In addition, a mat flooring for gym with great thickness is meant to overcome faster wearing out and thus stay for long.

Mildew resistant

Sometimes the external factors may stimulate faster wearing out of your mat.

How can you handle this? Actually, this implies that you need to choose wisely a mat that can overcome some conditions and components that may trigger such wear and tear.

Consider getting a water-resistant, mildew-resistant and even a fire-resistant mat. Therefore, these gym flooring mats can always make your best mat to last much longer.

Final Verdict

From the above reviews on the best gym floor mats, it is clear that they display great features, isn’t it?

Furthermore, the entire collection of best mats for home gym found in the market cannot fully meet your needs. Thus, these mats for gym floor prompts you into making a choice; the one that will enable you to get the best mat that gives you great value for your money. This decision is quite challenging but there is great need always to weigh your preferences and the satisfaction yet to be gained.

Thus, ensure that you have critically checked on performance, quality, durability and other essential features before making a purchase. Note: A great choice will always lead to great value and satisfaction. Go for the best mat for your gym!

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