Best Upright Exercise Bike Reviews – Top 5 and Comparison

Today I’m going to review 5 of the best upright exercise bike fitness solutions available in the marketplace. These cardiovascular fitness bikes will push you to the limits and the pounds will fall off in weeks, interested?

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Best Upright Exercise Bike Reviews

When choosing the best upright bike for exercise you should consider the type of bike, the weight limit, resistance, programmability, storage, and price. It’s possible these days to buy an exercise bike that costs less than a year’s membership to a gym.

A stationary exercise bike helps with your cardiovascular health and you will burn calories, improve muscle strength and boost your overall endurance.

Upright Exercise Bike Comparison Table

Product Name Image Features Price
Schwinn Airdyne AD2
Bike Series
250 lb. / 113 kg.
Infinite Resistance
LCD Display
Cooling Effect
Latest Price
Upright Bike
300 lbs
8 Magnetic Tensions
LCD Display
Hand Pulse Sensors
Latest Price
Body Rider
Upright Fan Bike
250 pounds
Tension Adjustment
Digital Display
Adjustable seat height
Latest Price
Innova XBR450
Upright Bike
Up to 250 lbs
Magnetic Resistance
LCD Display
Comfortable Seat
Latest Price
Marcy Upright
Exercise Bike
300 lbs
Magnetic Resistance
LCD screen
Adjustable Seat
Latest Price

How I Selected Top Products

All comparison tests need a range of products to choose from, so I’ve chosen the 5 most popular and the most freely available bikes to buy either online or from a shop. All of these upright exercise bike reviews are backed up by 100’s of consumer reviews on websites like Amazon.

Schwinn Airdyne AD2 Upright Exercise Bike

Features at a Glance

  • Full-body cardiovascular exercise bike
  • Progressive resistance system
  • Simple to use LCD console
  • Stationary foot rest pegs

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The first best upright exercise bike that I’m reviewing is the Schwinn Airdyne AD2 Upright Exercise Bike.  This Exercise Bike features a system to work your upper body and lower body at the same time. The theory behind this feature is to do with the bike’s resistance system, both pedals and the handlebar are connected to the resistance system.

By working the handlebars and the pedals at the same time gives you a full-body workout, you can just use the handlebars and leave your feet on the feet pegs for just an upper body workout.

This model is the only one in our upright bike test without a heart monitor, which seems an odd feature to leave out. The LCD display has information for calories, distance, RPM, speed, but there is no programmable workout function. A big plus point for the Schwinn is the 5-year warranty that gives you that extra peace of mind.

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Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

Features at a Glance

  • WEIGHT CAPACITY – Up to 300 lbs
  • Large seat cushion for people of any size
  • easily adjustable to fit anywhere from 5’3 to 6’1 inch users
  • Please tight the Screws/Bolts to avoid noise during pedaling
  • Folds for storage and can moved with the transportation wheels
  • An 8 level Magnetic Tension control system

This space-saving exercise bike has a computer that is a user-friendly, adjustable seat and is easy to assemble. The construction and finish on this bike is outstanding, it would be a welcome addition to any home and excellent value too.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the features and how they can benefit you and your fitness routine. This folding bike has a built-in heart rate monitor within its grips and has 8 resistance levels that are digitally controlled.

The LCD has a wealth of features that display calories, distance, heart rate, RPM, time, all of this is very easy to understand and use.

The performance of this exercise bike is smooth and quiet, the magnetic resistance and the knob that shifts between 8 different tension settings is straight forward operation. This bike is recommended for persons between 5ft 3in and 6ft 3in in the upright bike category, up to 300 lbs. in weight.

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Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike – BRF700

Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike

Features at a Glance

  • Dual-action handlebars
  • Tension adjusts easily
  • Fan wheel provides a gentle breeze
  • Tracks your time, speed and calories burned
  • Sturdy steel frame design
  • 250-pound user weight capacity

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Next up on the best upright bike test is the Body Rider BRF700 Fan Upright Exercise Bike. This bike is fantastic fun and a great workout for fitness fans like you. A really good feature of this exercise bike is the fan wheel that cools you down as you are building and toning your body.

This bike is designed for weight loss, the sturdy steel frame and large padded seat with adjustable height for total control when burning off the pounds.

This bike can exercise your legs and upper body at the same time, the key to this the movable handlebars so that you are pedaling with legs and moving your arms. The digital display gives you the information that you need whilst you exercise and it’s easy to read the distance covered, time on the bike, the speed, and the calories burned in the session.

Overall the bike is easy to assemble and looks fantastic in the steel-framed black and silver color scheme.

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Innova XBR450 Folding Upright Bike

Innova XBR450 Folding Upright Bike

Features at a Glance

  • Precision dual flywheels
  • Flexible workouts
  • Large comfortable seat
  • Built in Hand Pulse LCD Monitor displays
  • Compact and easily folds away

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Our next contender in the upright bike review is the Innova Folding Upright Dual Function Bike and Backrest. This bike has some truly unique features like the backrest, S-style frame, and a tablet holder, so you can watch a movie while you exercise.

This bike provides a silky smooth ride with dual flywheels, a multi-crank, hi-torque, and magnetic resistance multi-level system, sounds technical!

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The LCD display is easy to read and well designed with these functions, heart pulse rate, distance traveled, calories burned and rate of speed. This bike’s maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs. and the seat can adjust horizontally and vertically for extra comfort.

The Innova Folding Dual Function Upright Bike is a delight to set up and a breeze with easily fold-away design.

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Marcy Upright Exercise Bike ME-708

Marcy Upright Exercise Bike ME-708

Features at a Glance

  • Smooth magnetic resistance system
  • 8 levels of preset resistance
  • Large console display tracks
  • Counterbalanced pedals with adjustable foot straps
  • Transport wheels

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The Marcy Upright Mag Bike is a fitness bike with a realistic sensation of outdoor cycling in our best upright bike test. The ergonomic workout of this bike can produce results within a few weeks of using this machine and that is not to be dismissed lightly.

This bike has a pair of counter-balanced pedals to give a workout that keeps your ankles secured in the foot straps. Foam padded handlebar, 8 resistance settings, the LCD screen data features calories burned, distance, speed, and workout time all come as standard as this bike trainer.

This bike takes about 30 to 50 minutes to assemble, but unlike the others in this review, the Marcy Upright Mag Bike does not fold away, so may not be suitable for small homes with less available space.

This upright exercise bike is built to last with a powder coat finish and is very low maintenance.

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Final Verdict

With any comparison review test it’s always difficult to choose the best product and this review for the best upright exercise bike. All 5 exercise bikes have unique qualities and attributes, similar specifications, and pricing.

The logical conclusion is that the final verdict is down to you and your personal preference as all 5 are the best upright bike models on offer today, but I prefer the Schwinn Airdyne AD2 Upright Exercise Bike.


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