Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike Review

With a high-quality finish, staying target heart rate zone, preset programs that cater to fitness needs across the board, a solid warranty program to support it, and a raft of creature comforts. To remind you that quite a bit of thought and innovation went into its design, the award-winning Diamondback 510SR is one of the strongest competitors on the market in its category.

Before buying, the suggestion is for you by reading Diamondback 510SR fitness recumbent bike review and you should get the best idea. Keeping in mind that recumbent bikes are effective fitness solution for many with mobility problems, the 510SR features a step-through frame design.

Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike

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The seat itself is comfortable and fully adjustable, including the backrest height, a feature that is not as common as many users would like.

Its large blue-backlit LCD which folds out of the way and large buttons allows you to control and monitor the user’s fitness performance. Because 16 resistance levels meant to make full use of the 20 workout programs that will start you with a warm-up and take to your loftiest fitness goals.

For whom is the Diamondback Fitness 510SR designed?

  • Those with sensitive joints
  • Those recovering from injuries
  • The advanced cardio enthusiast
  • The recreational cardio enthusiast
  • Mobility-challenged individuals – pregnant women

Diamondback Fitness 510sr Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Let’s explore the 5 main features of the Diamondback Recumbent Bike 510sr in this Diamondback 510SR fitness recumbent bike review.

Easy and Silent Operation

The large, bright blue, informative display of the 510SR is easy to read and allows the bike to double as a personal training partner. The display is capable of tracking numerous real-time statistics including speed and distance ridden, total calories burnt, and the elapsed workout time.

Heart rate becomes monitoring via the heart rate sensors integrated into the handles. The bike allows for the user to maintain and intensify workout as you go with a few simple touches of your finger – a manual push-button control on the console controls pedal resistance over 16 levels of friction-less, fan-less eddy current braking resistance.

Riding Comfort

When Diamondback Fitness says a bike is fully-adjustable, it is. The 510SR offers every variation of seat, pedal, handle and LCD screen adjustment to ensure it can be used by just about anyone.

The ergonomically sculpted chair seat and non-stick, height-adjustable mesh backrest ensure seating comfort. On the other hand, the pedals and straps become adjusted and the viewing angle of the screen changed or made completely flat.

The fan integrated into the frameworks well on this exercise bike.

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Versatile Workout

The Diamondback Fitness 510sr Recumbent Bike comes pre-loaded with a variety of preset cycling programs meant to reproduce various cycling conditions. These include fat-burning, strength, hill-climbing, and interval programs. Also integrated are several programs that are useful for adjusting resistance levels.

These programs use the handlebar sensors that monitor heart rate and adjust the resistance accordingly. The 16 different levels of resistance make customizing a workout an easy and straightforward process.

The digital interface means that all these changes are controlled simply by touching the screen – no awkward knobs or dials to fiddle with.


In its price range, the most impressive list of additional features makes the Diamondback 510SR fitness recumbent bike a real contender. The integrated speaker system offers mp3 connectivity and a headphone jack so you can pump your most motivational music as you ride. The media bay offers USB ports for connection.

Furthermore, the magazine/media rack built to convenient feature that folds away when not in us. A handy bottle holder ensures that you can stay hydrated all through your workout and the variable-speed fan will keep you from overheating.


The recumbent bike comes with a solid warranty that demonstrates how much faith Diamondback Fitness has in the quality and longevity of its product. The frame covers a lifetime warranty system, as is the friction-less eddy current brake system.

Electrical and mechanical components have made under a three-year warranty.

High wear items like the pedal straps, seat covers and cushions, and adjustable pedal straps offer 90-day warranties. Labor associated with all warranty-associated work covers for one year.

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Diamondback 510SR Pros & Cons

  • Excellent ride comfort
  • Program keys quick set
  • With USB ports it is media bay
  • The seat is an armrest, smooth and quiet
  • Weight capacity is 125 pounds
  • The LCD is slightly on the dim side
  • Workout details cannot be electronically exported

Question & Answer About Diamondback 510SR

Diamondback 510R FAQ's

Does anyone know if these machines are made in the U.S.A?

Yes. These machines are made in the U.S.A.

Does this bike have a padded seat?

Yes. It has made with padded seat and so comfortable.

Where is this “Foldout Magazine Rack”?

Yes, it has. Look at the silver plastic around the edge of an electronic display.

Does this item use batteries or an AC adapter?

Yes. This bike uses an AC adapter.

Can I connect my iPad Air 2 to the media center?

Yes. This bike has a USB connector and then there is a headset port too.

9.5 Total Score
Super Equipment For Home Exercise

A versatile recumbent design that’s perfect for riders of all levels. A personal trainer at your fingertips. Creature comforts for a pleasant workout.Burn more calories with heart rate training.

User Rating: 5 (1 votes)

Final Verdict

The Diamondback 510R fitness recumbent bike proves itself a tough competitor for its category and price range. Its comfort in use and intuitive accessories make it an enviable product.

The design of the virtually-silent wheel in full operation is commendable and the associated warranty truly sets this bike apart.

The complaint has been about the lack of intensity of the LCD screen may be easily countered by placing it in a bright area. Hence, the lack of a system to electronically export workout data seems to be insurmountable and users will have to resort to good old pen and paper.

Consequently, this Diamondback 510SR fitness recumbent bike review concludes that this product is highly recommended.

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