Spinning Bike vs Recumbent Bike

Exercise bikes usually come in different styles, features, and different tech, which makes it a real challenge when looking for the best suited to your needs.

Most bikes are capable of giving you varieties of functional needs, but it is worth noting that, different types of these bikes excel well in a different area than others. So the key here is identifying what your Goal is i.e. what kind of result do you expect to achieve! With this in mind, you can easily determine what type of bike is best suitable for you.

This article is going to help understand the difference between a spinning bike and recumbent bike, their features as well as benefits attached to each one of them.

What is the Spinning Bike?

A spinning Bike is a special design stationary bike that can be adjusted to fit any user, by changing the handlebar position and saddle height. Most spinning bikes have a built-in heart rate monitor in between the handlebars.

They also have weighted flywheels that simulate the effect of climbing on it, by reducing the inertia of each pedal stroke or movement. Spin bike replicates the style and features of a traditional road bike, but under this case, they offer a much higher cardiovascular workout that challenges the traditional one.

What is the recumbent bike?

Recumbent bikes put the user in a laid-back reclined position with the bike’s pedal in front of the seat rather than below the seat. It is designed in such a manner to provide additional comfort and better back support.

This bike provides lower body workout as well as the cardiovascular workout, but the way the muscles are worked on is slightly different than other kinds of bikes. They also have LCD units that display heart rate, time, calories burned, distance, and speed readouts.

The difference between Spinning Bike vs Recumbent Bike

Spinning Bike vs Recumbent Bike


The significant difference between the spinning bike and the recumbent bike is related to Flywheel. A spinning bike has a heavier flywheel, weighing up to around 40 pounds to 60 pounds. This kind of weight demands a high deal of energy levels when spinning.

They are best suited for those seeking an alternative to road cycling. A recumbent bike features a balanced flywheel, which creates a quiet, secure, and vibrating-free workout.

A recumbent bike provides you with a low-impact cardio workout that places no strain on your Joints that make them safe for all users. The flywheel is an important element of any bike because it basically that what determines the end results.

Body Position

The body position is entirely different from these two exercise bikes. A spinning bike does not limit your riding position, which means that you can train on and off the saddle. You can cycle while standing or normally on the seat.

Either way, you will be engaging every muscle in your body thereby enhancing fat-blasting. Recumbent bike seats are placed in a reclined position with almost the same level of the pedal.

They may limit your riding position but do not assume they are less efficient. A study done in 2005 and published by the “archive of physical medicine and rehabilitation indicated that pedaling in recumbent position makes the leg muscles harder than when on the upright position. These make it best suited for people with back pain and muscular leg problems.

Spinning Bike vs Recumbent Bike

Mechanism of the Bike

Both bikes can seem almost the same on the mechanism, but they are very different. We have seen how the flywheel mechanism differs on both bikes. There is what we call the ‘Q factor.’ -Then the difference between the pedal attachment point and on the chunk arms.

The q factor on the spinning bikes is not a large as that on recumbent bikes. This factor is important because it determines the braking mechanism, pulley, and the driving component. The narrower the Q-factor, the more you’re going to ride more naturally.

So, if you are using the bike a lot, it is likely that you will be concerned with the Q factor for more bio-mechanical fitness and more efficient exercise with fewer knees injuries.

Weight, Limit, Size, and Price

Spinning bikes are smaller than the recumbent bike. They take fewer materials to make which makes them cheaper than recumbent bikes. From my experience, you can exceed the weight limit in a recumbent bike but not on Spinning Bike. Spinning bikes have their weight limit for a particular exercise bike.

However there are chances that you will find some recumbent bikes giving you a specific limit, but you will probably find that the price is cheap. The stability of the bike is also something you will notice between these two exercise bikes.

I find a recumbent bike more stable than a spinning bike.

Final Verdict

The type of bike that you should use depends on your goal. If you are just starting your workout, or you have back problems, then you should consider a recumbent bike.

But if you are an athlete or a regular bike user, then a spinning bike is the best suitable bike for you. Either way, finding the best model in the market is very crucial for a perfect result.

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